If you'd like to have multiple family members on one subscription, check out the Simply Piano Family Plan. The Family Plan allows up to five family members to create profiles and track their individual progress all on one subscription. Each family member will have full access to all of our courses, songs, and practice options and can move at their own pace. 

The prices for our plans vary by region. For the exact Family Plan pricing in your area, we recommend that you visit the purchase page through the app by clicking on any course marked premium in the free version of the app or by clicking the Add Profiles option in the menu if you are already a subscriber. If you are currently subscribed on an individual plan, any remaining time in your current subscription will be automatically refunded on a prorated basis by Apple.

Just a note that Family Plan is currently only available for iOS devices. We do hope to launch this for Android devices soon, but we don’t have a timeline for that just yet. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and are excited to offer you full access to the Family Plan on your Android devices soon.

Need further help? Please email us by going to "Send Us Feedback" in the settings menu of the app or writing to support@joytunes.com. 

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